CellerateRX & Cost Considerations

One of the goals of managed care is to ensure that providers deliver high-quality care in an environment that manages or controls costs. Wound care costs the US health care system more than $20 billion dollars annually.1 The number of wound care patients in the US is expected to more than double during this decade.2 Payers must utilize wound products, technologies, and systems that provide high quality outcomes at budget sensible pricing.

CellerateRX®, advanced wound care collagen product, has been shown in multiple clinical applications and studies to provide quality outcomes in a cost effective manner. This is accomplished in several ways, including:

  • Powder/gel form allows for NO waste of product;
    use only what is needed for each application and remainder of product may be used with subsequent applications

  • Ease of application;
    easy to teach and train patients to apply at home which saves on nursing visits and/or return clinic visits

  • Biocompatible;
    effective with even the least costly secondary dressings

  • Biodegradable;
    does not need to be removed from the wound

  • Effective in all wound phases;
    negating the need to change wound care products as the wound progresses

It has been suggested that advanced wound care products such as CellerateRX® that effectively manage wounds may decrease the need for more expensive treatment modalities such as hyperbaric oxygen or negative pressure devices.

Diabetic wounds are of particular concern and as recent press has established, will continue to escalate in the future. Amputations are devastating to the quality of life of the patient and a huge burden on the health care system. About 85% of lower extremity amputations in diabetics are preceded by an ulcer so managing these wounds quickly is of utmost importance. CellerateRX® has been shown to be effective on diabetic ulcers1, as the results of this study showed that the Activated Collagen™ powder treated wounds were healed by five (5) weeks and the control wounds were approximately 80% healed at twelve (12) weeks. This was accomplished applying CellerateRX® once/twice weekly.

In another study1 in a long term care facility on elderly, comprised patients, the study showed that the use of Activated Collagen™ was very successful in saving very severe skin flaps and that a majority were resolved within a week, with just one treatment. This speaks to the cost effectiveness of CellerateRX® while providing quality outcomes.

CellerateRX® meeting the challenge of escalating wound care costs while providing quality outcomes.

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  3. "Activated Collagen: An Evidence Based Study in Human Leg Ulcers," SAWC 2009, Dr. Matthew Regulski

  4. "CellerateRx Skin Tear Study," Clinical Symposium on Advances in Skin & Wound Care, Dr. Jane Fore

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