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In the past, wound care has typically been done in facilities such as wound care centers, acute care hospitals, long term care facilities, etc. Presently more care is being administered in the home setting. This is in part due to the aging population, more sophisticated home health agencies, technological advances, and escalating health care costs.

According to earlier data, over 45% of all home healthcare patients have some sort of wound. That number is expected to increase over the next decades due to mainly an increase in the aging population and advancements in techniques that allow for more outpatient care in addition to the factors listed above.

One of the goals of home health agencies for wound care is utilizing advanced dressings that require less frequent nursing visits. A dressing application should be, and needs to be, easy to "teach and train" to patients and their care givers in the home. CellerateRX®, advanced wound care collagen product, is the perfect solution. CellerateRX® comes in a powder or gel form, not a pre-measured dressing as is most of the other collagen products. It is applied directly to the wound, which means no wound measuring and cutting a premeasured dressing to fit the wound, which allows for cost savings by no waste of product.

CellerateRX® is biodegradable and does not need to be removed from the wound with subsequent dressing applications. Re-application is 2-3x/week or as needed. It can be used with even the least costly secondary dressings.

The CellerateRX® philosophy is simple: Put it on…..cover it up…..leave it alone. The process is so easy that even elderly patients can manage without difficulty. Here is what one wife had to say about using CellerateRX® at home,

CellerateRX Product Shot

"My husband, who is 78-years-old, fell and shattered his hip in five places. He fell on some rocks, which made jagged wounds on his back. He was in the hospital for over two weeks and the treatment they did, which was daily, just did not work. I got CellerateRX® from a friend who told me to apply it once and leave it alone. I looked at it on the third day and was amazed at how it looked. There was no drainage and the wound was almost healed. I applied the CellerateRX® one more time and in one week the wound was completely healed and I was amazed! Everyone should have this product."

CellerateRX® has no special storage requirements, just protect from freezing. Multiple clinical applications and studies show quality outcomes. It is FDA cleared for use on all wound types except for 3rd degree burns.

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