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Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects a variety of organs like the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, eyes and nerves. As diabetes progresses the nerves scar and the transmission of signals cannot make its way down the nerve to feel pain. A foot wound develops from a simple pebble that remains in a shoe and erodes the skin creating a wound. With CellerateRx® a wound will receive activated collagen, which is a fraction of the size of native collagen molecules. Activated collagen is immediately available for the body to develop healthy granulation tissue. CellerateRx® also helps reduce wound pain.

Diabetic Wound 1 Diabetic Wound 2 Diabetic Wound 3

Unprecedented Benefits

Unprecedented Performance:

  • CellerateRx® provides collagen's benefits immediately to the wound bed

  • The size and form of CellerateRx® helps jump start collagen's role in wound bed processes

Unprecedented Range of Use:

  • Frontline Therapy, from first dressing to closure

  • Compatible with known single-objective therapies, including: silvers, debriders, grafts & skin substitutes

Unprecedented Cost Savings:

  • Fewer required dressing changes translates to lower staffing and materials costs

  • CellerateRx® performs effectively with even the least costly

Unprecedented Patient Friendliness:

  • Collagen occludes nerve endings to reduce pain

  • Ease of application increases patient compliance & provides minimal lifestyle interruption

  • Collagen minimizes potential of scarring

3 Easy Steps

Put it on

CellerateRx® is a primary wound dressing, just apply it directly to the wound.

Cover it up

You may use anything as a secondary dressing ranging from gauze to a non-adherent dressing.

Leave it alone

The recommended dressing frequency is every 2-3 days. At all dressing changes after the initial application, just add more CellerateRX®. Then apply a new secondary dressing (as above). CellerateRX® is biodegradable and does not need to be removed from the wound. NOTE: If using gauze as a secondary dressing, moisten gauze before removing.

Put it on....Cover it up....Leave it alone....it's as simple as that!

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