“I noticed a rough quarter-inch patch of skin on my forehead that would not go away. The texture felt different enough to visit a dermatologist. The doctor told me the skin had a 10% chance of being cancerous and suggested freezing it off. I was warned that the procedure would cause pain and sensitivity for a week, then develop into a bump for the next ten days, and finally turn into a month-long scab. I went ahead and told the doctor to freeze it off that day. When I returned home, I immediately put CellerateRX gel on the wound. Using my finger I applied the gel and noticed the pain went away in a very short period of time. I did this every morning when I woke up. The gel stayed on open and uncovered for the entire day. The area never got red or had any inflammation and in two days a very reasonable scab formed that was nowhere near as ugly as the doctor suggested. In just two weeks the scab fell off in the shower with absolutely no scarring. CellerateRX made a normal six-week healing process last just two weeks. Without getting into a long, drawn out story, I heard about Wound Management Technologies and CellerateRX at a conference in San Francisco, listened to the story, and went online and bought some product. After my experience I believe CellerateRX can fix it all!”

Steve Handy, CFO and CTO of Elite Financial Communications Group, LLC

”I have been using CellerateRx since 2005. I can say for certain, that this one product revolutionized my wound healing to a cost-effective and patient compliant model from one of high-end product use and low-cost effectiveness. The ease and use of the product mandates that every wound clinician have this as part of their own arsenal against every violation of the skin, from head to toe. I can also say that without CellerateRX on some of my patients, I am not sure if they would have healed the way they did.”


“About a year ago I was trying to deal with a wound on my foot that refused to heal. As the weeks went by with no improvement I began to lose hope. An acquaintance who is an R.N., who’s specialty has been advanced wound care for the last 40 years heard about my wound, and suggested I mention CellerateRX to my doctor. The way she described her experiences with it sounded to good to be true; but at the point it was added to my regimen everything began to improve. Every time the bandage was changed I could see improvement, and finally, complete healing. A few months ago a nearby area sustained a new wound. This time CellerateRX was was part of the treatment from the beginning. In little more than a week I observed the wound fill and close. Phenomenal! I’ve told every doctor I know about CellerateRX. I’ve never done that before, but real miracles in medicine are few and far between. Please feel free to use this to to tell other people about this great product.”

Charles Silbert


“I think that CellerateRX® is a fantastic product! I have a patient that I have treated five times in the last two years for skin tears. When she gets one she always manages to do the job well. The first skin tear was on her leg and was 8cm long and 2 - 3cm wide. It was almost 1cm deep. On this little 100 lb lady that is pretty large. Thanks to CellerateRX® it healed within two 1/2 weeks. This is a 104 year old lady with skin that is so frail and fragile that you can hardly tell if she has any subcutaneous tissue, as well as any adipose tissue. Healing any skin tear on this patient is a challenge. Fortunately for us we have CellerateRX® on our formulary. Great product!!”

Ramona Maldonado LVN

Treatment Nurse

"We have found CellerateRX® to be an excellent wound healing modality and use it regularly in our practice. The clinical results we have observed have validated the science behind the product. I would highly recommend CellerateRX® to any conscientious wound care provider."

Desmond P. Bell, Jr., DPM, CWS, FACCWS, FAPWCA

Director of First Coast Diabetic Foot & Wound Management Center, Jacksonville, FL;
Co-Founder & President of Save a Leg - Save a Life (SALSAL) Foundation

"I have been using CellerateRX® in my wound care protocols for over 5 years now and it is an essential part of my wound care treatments for success. I am excited to be able to show practitioners the many ways CellerateRX® can be used in their wound care practice, especially with difficult or challenging wounds such as diabetic ulcers."


Medical Director, Tri-State Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center, Clarkston, WA

"I was impressed by the speed and efficacy of CellerateRX®. Diabetic ulcers remain one of the biggest problems and challenges that we face in healthcare today, both in terms of economic expenditures and patient welfare. Most amputations begin with an ulcer, so having a product that can help manage these wounds more effectively will save limbs and resources."

Matt Regulski, DPM

Ocean County Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates & Director of the Wound Care Center of Ocean County, Toms River, NJ

"I just want to let you know how pleased we are having your product CellerateRX® available to use in our clinic. We have seen excellent success with both the gel and powder when treating the most complicated wounds among our veterans. It is a product that I have found to be cost effective, clinically effective and patient friendly. Certainly a unique product in the market."

Gary M. Rothenberg, DPM, CDE, CWS

Attending Podiatrist & Director of Podiatric Residency Training, Miami VA Healthcare System, Miami, FL

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