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In diabetes, collagen synthesis is markedly decreased, resulting in chronic connective tissue complications. The resultant collagen production deficits can be observed in several systems, one of which is poor wound healing.1 This is further complicated by chronic reoccurrence of these wounds if not managed effectively.

CellerateRX® is a patented form of Type I bovine collagen. There are many collagen products on the market, all of which come in the native, intact collagen which the body must break down to a usable form. By a patented process, CellerateRx® activated collagen fragments are a fraction of the size of the native collagen molecules and particles found in these other collagen products, delivering the benefits of collagen to the body immediately. This is the CellerateRX® difference!

It comes in a powder (approximately 95% collagen which absorbs up to 30 times its weight in drainage) and a gel (approximately 65% collagen which donates moisture and is appropriate for less draining or drier wounds). The powder and gel are ideal for tunneled or undermining wounds and is biodegradable and therefore does not need to be removed from the wound. Other collagen products that come in pre-measured dressings must be removed from the wound with each new application.

CellerateRX® is also biocompatible and may be used on infected wounds, treating the infection as per physician directive. This was demonstrated in a published case in Podiatry Management.

CellerateRX® has been found to be very effective in the management of diabetic wounds, with closure rates by five (5) weeks compared with the control wounds which were 80% closed at twelve (12) weeks.

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In another study, CellerateRX® was shown to significantly increase cytokines.1 This is significant because these growth factors reduce tissue inflammation which is important in wound healing. This study also showed that CellerateRX slowed the stimulation of Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNFα). TNFα is responsible for increasing inflammation which can delay wound healing.

As evidenced above and in other multiple clinical applications, CellerateRX® has been proven to be an effective product in managing diabetic and other acute and chronic wounds. Jane Fore MD, FAPWCA, FACCWS, Medical Director, Tri-State Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center states, "CellerateRX® is the standard of care in my clinic.  This product is compatible with other wound care products and gives the wound environment the basic building blocks for growth, and contributes an essential part of the wound matrix that supports the migration of cells to healing tissues. Wound healing deficiencies are more common in diabetics and CellerateRX® collagen provides an essential factor that aids in overcoming challenges in healing diabetic wounds."

CellerateRX® patented collagen products………providing for unprecedented performance and benefits.

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